What is the Greater Louisville Community Branding Project?

The Greater Louisville Community Branding Project was designed to uncover and communicate a brand for Louisville—a sense of Louisville’s uniqueness and character. This long-term initiative will guide current and future efforts to communicate to residents, tourists, rising talent and businesses the value of the Greater Louisville region.

The Project is a public/private partnership initiative of:

What does it mean to create a “brand” for Greater Louisville?

Let’s start with what creating a brand does NOT mean. It doesn’t mean making up or creating something new. The essence of Louisville is already here – what it has lacked is a coherent voice. Creating a brand simply means putting in place words and actions to help illuminate the authentic essence of a great city.

That’s why the project began with research to uncover the genuine qualities that could be used to define Louisville. Through that research, we came to understand that Louisville cannot be captured through a single graphic mark or a simple slogan. We also know that in order to succeed, the brand, like the city, must be in a perpetual state of evolution and growth, that it should continually inspire interaction and fresh creative expression.

What is the new Greater Louisville Brand?

With the above in mind, we’ve come to understand that our essence is — It’s Possible Here.

Welcome to a city where dreams get introduced to can-do. Where people share a belief in the creative power of opportunity, expression and imagination. Alive with potential and inspired with a progressive spirit of possibility and aspiration, Louisville is a very special place – somewhere between “way out there” and “feels like home.” It’s a thriving one-of-a-kind, don’t-take-no-for-an-answer sort of city. It’s an open, accessible, connected bunch of ambitious-but-caring individuals and families drawn together by the promise of the future and the quality of a life richly lived. It’s the urban-but-green, nearby-but-expansive, inventive-but-roll-up-your-sleeves, surprising, bustling, energetic community that always gets things done with a smile.

How will this brand evolve and inspire interaction?

In a myriad of ways, the community will be invited and encouraged to interpret the brand for themselves through a mixture of several modes and media. The essence of possibility city leads, for example, to various taglines that could be printed on t-shirts and other wearable items; lyrics that could be set to many different kinds of music; events that would attract diverse audiences; and conversations that emphasize different characteristics of the community. As long as the result is people communicating the true essence of Louisville to residents, visitors, students, rising professionals, business leaders and others – current and potential – the brand is achieving its goal.

Why engage in this project now?

The time is right to tell the Louisville story. We have what it takes, and the competition for tourism and investment dollars is fierce.

In recent years, Greater Louisville has amassed the attractions, amenities and development, as well as the diversity of those offerings, to create a stronger-than-ever level of energy and momentum. Efforts by other cities and regions in attracting outside investment, talent and tourism are growing stronger, and Louisville needs to capture the recognition and credit it deserves in order to compete successfully. The branding project creates a cohesive and consistent brand image for the region that will help us communicate the city’s attributes and character as effectively as possible.

Aren’t participating organizations already engaged in advertising Louisville around the region and the nation?

The branding project will not duplicate the marketing strategies of partner organizations; it will merely enhance the marketing already taking place. The new brand will be about the essence of Greater Louisville, and will complement current advertising and marketing efforts.

How is the project being funded?

The partner organizations and Alliance members funded the initial phases of the project, which included research and brand development. Ongoing funding sources will continue to include those entities, as well as additional Louisville-based corporations and foundations, special event revenues, retail sales of brand-related goods, and individual donations.

How can I get involved in the branding effort?

Participate in communicating the brand by sharing with friends, family members, colleagues and others what the brand means to you. Interact with the brand by visiting the brand Web site, engaging in the activities there and making the brand represent your own vision of what’s possible for Louisville..

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