Possibility is the consequence of creativity.

Greater Louisville’s uniqueness results from the opportunities created by ingenuity, and therefore our messages must always aspire to be rich with inventiveness.

Our brand is not embodied in a single mandated “slogan” or “tag line.” That would be counter to the brand itself.

So when you use a slogan, use one you feel reinforces your message in the most authentic and credible way, but pick one that does it with style and imagination.

If you don’t find one you like, we say go ahead and write your own.

We’ve come up with a range of slogans that work with our brand — and they can mean different things to different people in different situations. So see if any apply to what you do. And if none of them does — write your own.

Remember — it’s possible here.

go for it
come as you are
let’s go
yes, louisville
epiphany city
possibility city
city without limits
let’s boogie
dreams within reach


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