Brand Suggestions

Our brand is almost serendipitous: it’s about chance and opportunity and possibility.

But that doesn’t mean it lacks structure or organization. This book supplies a lot of guidance about how we should feel as a brand to our audiences — we’re not a brand that expects solemn adherence to regulations, but neither are we a brand that lacks a strong identity. As you make and deliver your messages, remember that when we speak with a single, unified voice, we bring greater clarity to our brand, and we do it in a way that reinforces our uniqueness, our credibility, and our authenticity.

Graphic Identity
We’re a city of inspired hope and creativity, of quiet but cheerful optimism, and of great pride in our uniqueness. Because our brand is about originality and discovery, be imaginative with the elements, but use your discretion to reflect and support our brand.

Throughout this section you’ll read about the best ways to use our marks and slogans. Remember that the elements we use to communicate our image reflect who we are and how we interact with others.

Be expressive, be honest, be imaginative and creative, but be disciplined.

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