When we speak as a city, we represent all the values, personality, and attributes of our brand. And when we speak, we speak with warmth, with humility, and with the assurance of a community that appreciates the rewards of imagination and follow-through.

We’re confident, friendly, charming, a little bit eccentric, reasoned, capable, and above all, hopeful. We speak with sincerity and earnestness. We speak with informality but not disrespect. We speak with an affection that blooms from a life enriched by choice and opportunity — a voice that confidently says Of course we can

Writing Style

More than anything, we’re the place that says Yes.

So we write with encouragement and with a positive-can-do spirit. We’re helpful and personable: we use straightforward, plain, and simple words to convey our message. As a welcoming brand, we’re warm and approachable. We’re a little offbeat, so we use humor and juxtaposition. And Greater Louisville’s a place rich with the unexpected, so we use sentences and paragraphs that are adventurous. Above all, we’re genuine and natural in style, we have fun with words, and we try to write in a way that entertains as much as it informs.

Imagery and Artwork

The pictures we use to show ourselves to the world are as important as the words and tone we use.

Greater Louisville is about color and the abundance of resources. It’s about supplying the things we need as humans to be creative and fruitful. It’s about balance and harmony, the convergence of diverse and unexpected themes.

The greatest two minutes in sports is just a ten-minute drive away from a factory that built a baseball bat that took over a hundred years to perfect.

You’ll find a necklace of tree-filled parks with a dynamic city anchoring it.

You’ll see a world-class skateboarder enjoying lunch with a world-class ballerina.

You’ll walk along a flawlessly restored and vibrant Victorian Main Street that sits comfortably hip-toankle with a towering 62-story museum and gallery.

You’ve discovered the birthplace of the world’s most-illuminated prizefighter, the setting for the world’s greatest fireworks display, a place where the inventor of the light bulb chose to shine, and where some of the world’s greatest thinkers come to share their brilliant ideas.

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