The Need to Brand

As everyone who's lived in, worked in, or visited Greater Louisville knows, there's been phenomenal change here over the past decade, creating a real sense of energy and momentum. And with so much excitement in the air, we believe the time's right to start telling the rest of the world the authentic Greater Louisville story.

There have been many campaigns to promote Louisville over the years, but this is the first effort to consider the Louisville brand in its entirety and embark on location branding.

Location branding isn't a new concept: cities, states, regions, and countries around the globe are embracing branding strategies to achieve competitive advantages and to increase tourism, to recruit and retain talent, and to attract new businesses.

But whether it's because we've changed so dramatically over the last few years, or because we've never really sat down to figure out what makes us unique, or simply because locations everywhere recognize the need to differentiate themselves in order to succeed competitively, we understand that it's now critical for us to identify and proclaim our individuality if we're to continue to flourish as a place for people to live, work, and play.

We need to reveal what it is that makes our region so attractive and special, and then communicate it to the rest of the world.

Branding: The Nuts and Bolts

What's Branding?

Why Now?

What Are the Benefits to Our Community?

What Do We Believe?

What Are the Challenges of Location Branding?

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